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The Camp David Diaries
: Pamela K. Thorson

1999-2005 Pamela K. Thorson. All Rights Reserved

Just suppose...Unknown to the presidents and virtually everyone else, the last eleven First Ladies have secretly written a series of diaries to one another at Camp David for their exclusive use. Imagine what Eleanor, Bess, Mamie, Jackie, Lady Bird, Pat, Betty, Rosalynn, Nancy, Barbara and Hillary lived through, thought out, wrote down.

Camp David Diaries is a compelling read. We are able to take a peek into the private lives of these powerful women as they share intimacies, gossip, joys and sorrows just between the girls. It is the voyeuristic nature of the story that intrigues and titillates.

Eleanor Roosevelt began the Diaries after she and Franklin first took possession of the presidential retreat in 1942. She then passed the Diary along for the First Ladies who followed to learn from and continue. Over the years the women have created a "First Ladies Primer" in which they share lessons learned and give tips on how to handle their job, the press, the public, the White House staff, their children and, of course, their husbands. The last entries are made by Hillary Rodham Clinton as she takes her Senate seat forever changing the face of First Lady.

Remember when Hillary was derided by the press for saying she talked to Eleanor, asking her for help? The fact is she was with Eleanor, and Bess, and Mamie and all the rest through their private Diary entries.

This fiction-based-on-fact journey into the very private lives of these very public people is of interest to a broad spectrum of readers who enjoy learning, nostalgia, history, politics and polite voyeurism. High school girls, in the embryonic stage of framing their life goals, will adore these inspirational women as they discover that even a presidents wife suffers from the same fears and challenges all young women face. College women, and those in the midst of their professional careers, will be motivated by how these First Ladies lived out their futures. People over the age of 50 will vividly recall the events as told through the eyes of these remarkable women.

The Diaries are a private history resonating with a public memory. Intrigued?


Just Suppose...

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