Pamela K. Thorson, author of the Camp David Diaries. Ms. Thorson is an accomplished actor and author. She has been named 'Best Actress in Florida' by the Community Theatre Association for her portrayal of Jane Austen. The author is a graduate of Drake University with a BFA degree (magna cum laude) in Theatre Arts. She has had her own television show, written articles for an international business magazine and written dozens of industrial video screen plays, produced and been on-camera talent for many national and regional commercials and infomercials, and has performed lead roles in some 50 stage productions for community theater. She has numerous other relevant awards and is well known in the Midwest and in the South Florida theater community.



The Camp David Diaries is published by Sterling-Miller Publishing, founded by Dr. Stuart A. Sandow who authored the NYTimes Book Company best seller, "DURATIONS - The Encyclopedia of How Long Things Take," edited by Bob Wyatt and sold in paper to Avon Books. Dr. Sandow appeared on the "Today Show" and the "Tonight Show with Johnny Carson." Carson, for several years, continued to promote the book by listing ten things the book failed to mention. Stuart also produced voices for Listen For Pleasure books on tape and for his own production company doing audiotapes for museum bookstores.




Pamela K. Thorson

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